Leona Lewis And Robbie Williams Plan To Record Duet

By Clive Wilmot-Brown

There are reports that Leona Lewis, X Factor's biggest star and Robbie Williams the former Take That singer may be teaming up in the studio, with two new songs potentially on the agenda. Even if the rumor doesn't prove to be true, after Williams sealed his comeback on X Factor it seems that such a studio collaboration is just a matter of time.

Robbie had a very good 2009. He managed to land a top 5 position in both the UK singles and album chart. Williams also reunited with his former band Take That for a special charity reunion gig in aid of a children's charity. Williams also appeared on X-Factor. His performance was memorable as he managed to forget the words to his biggest song, Angels.

If the tracks make it past the drawing board, rumor has it they will be appearing on the re-release of Lewis' sophomore effort, Echo. A re-release is due on shelves thanks to the incredible success of box office smash Avatar, as the movie's theme song is sung by the X Factor winner. The 24-year-old songstress may even perform on stage beside the pop legend, as Hello Magazine expects Williams to be making an appearance alongside Lewis as part of her 2010 summer tour.

It's not just Leona Lewis who wants to work with Robbie. TV bad boy, Simon Cowell has also hinted heavily that he would like to get Robbie involved on the next series of the X-Factor. Simon Cowell has hinted in interviews that he would love to have someone like Robbie Williams as a talent judge on X-Factor. According to those close to the star, Robbie is seriously considering taking the role as he feels that it will help give him some huge exposure on the UK's most-watched television show.

Leona Lewis rose to fame when she won the reality TV show X-Factor. The London born singer wowed fans with her powerful voice throughout the audition process of the show. Since winning the competition she has gone on to enjoy great success around the world. It is thought that the potential collaboration between her and Robbie will allow Simon Cowell the possibility to market the duet on the X-Factor show itself and could see him land millions of dollars in record sales. - 32158

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Good Ways Of Finding New Pop Music You May Enjoy

By Shawne M. Patrick

It used to be that the most significant way to find new music that you liked was to listen to the radio and hope that you heard something good on your favourite station. Then, to essentially buy the music so you might hear it whenever you wished to, you would get a whole album (or tape or CD). However , there are now alternative ways to discover about a new pop music celeb that you like, as well as new purchasing options.

Naturally, one way that you can find out about new pop music that you might like is to get recommendations from guys or girlfriends who have similar taste in music. Many times they will even have the music they recommend so you can listen to it before you get it. This only works if you have friends who like the same sort of music you do, however.

You may also still learn about new pop music you like through listening to the radio or watching music videos on the T.V.. Naturally this is a bit hit or miss as you could finish up listening to plenty of music or watching quite a few videos before you find something new, and then you could or might not like it.

One of the best strategies to discover about artists you might not have heard of is to use the web. There are websites that allow you to put in info about your fave music, such as the artists and songs that you like the best, and then they are going to come up with a play list for you to check out of other similar music. This could work out very well. There are some different websites like this, so you might want to test out a few of them to determine which one appears to have some understanding of your likes the best.

Once you get a new song that you like, there are even a number of different paths to get it for your own use. You can still go out to the store and buy the CD if you like. However , you won't like all the songs on the CD. You can go to an internet site like Amazon and basically listen to clips of all the tracks to get a better idea of whether it is just the one song you like, or the whole CD, and then decide how you want to purchase it. You can purchase the CD online, or you could go to one of the websites that can let you purchase and download the track for your MP3 player. - 32158

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IMRadio Powers Up Small-Town Radio Station Deficiency

By Lilia Lukas

Living in a really small town do not give you enough choices in radio stations. Then I routed myself on the Internet in search of online radio stations. There is just one where my friends and I really got excited about among the many choices out there.

Our favorite IMRadio. Whenever we hang out, do our homework, or getting ready to go out, we make sure it is played in the background. The variety of music and sheer talent really make us stop and say, "That song is really awesome!"

You can choose from many stations. If I remember it correctly the last time I checked, it was like 450 and I really like it. It is somewhat similar to YouTube for Music where music artists can upload their song files, just like anyone can upload their videos on YouTube.

Living in a small town used to mean that we were behind the times as far as new music. We can now listen to newest bands, freshest songs from artists all over the United States through IMRadio. The feeling of being bumpkins who never get to hear the hottest music in the country is no longer a problem.

Since my friends and I are fond of rock music, we are happier about IMRadio since most of the songs there are considered rock. Without IMRadio, listening to this number of cool artists will never be possible. That is unfortunate, since so many of these songs are much better than what you hear on traditional radio and the Top 40 charts. Far better!

There is a few band that really impressed us and we are definitely positive that they have a long way to go. The web site has an awesome feature on where the fans can communicate with their favorite bands. Although, we do not have any intention of forming long-term friendships or stalk the bands or anything. But it is such a kick to send a message, just to let them know that we are out there and love what they are doing.

When you go to IMRadio's home page and scroll down a bit, you will see a "Featured Bands" header with images that look like little CD covers. One of my favorite things to do is click on a random image and then start listening to a song by that artist. If I do not like the song, I just move on until I find a song that suits my taste. It's kind of like hitting the "seek" button on your car radio to hear what's playing on another channel before you decide what to listen to, only the music is edgier. - 32158

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Importance Of Wedding Style

By Michael Russell

A marriage is an very vital time in a person's life. A lot of labor has to go into making weddings and the complete method requires correct management and taking care of. All cultures typically have elaborate wedding processes and a heap of rituals are followed that are typically specific to all or any different types of culture and that's what makes a marriage really special. A wedding is also a reasonably elaborate union between two people and is deemed as an extraordinarily vital institution. In most such occasions, after the rituals and marriage ceremony has taken position it is customary to throw a reception in which friends and family of the bride and groom are invited.

The most effective approach to make sure that an excellent wedding is going down is by truly making positive that a wedding planner is hired. Weddings that take place in Singapore are usually administrated in nice details by planners who guarantee that the ceremony is taking place during a stunning way. A Singapore wedding can happen in terribly elaborate hotels and such places where there's plenty of range for spending money and having a terribly lavish and wonderful setting.

It is continuously a smart plan to consult a wedding planner before arranging a wedding in Singapore because a ton will go into the method to form it extremely interesting and fascinating. Different sorts of weddings will take place around Singapore relying on the budget of the family but it has become an very standard place where a ton of lavish and gorgeous receptions can take place. Such wedding planners in Singapore wedding ensure that each aspect of a marriage is well taken care of and can range from arranging the food to ordering the cake. Most of these weddings cover all elements that create it incredibly extraordinary and exhilarating.

For a bride, the marriage ceremony is extraordinarily important and many distinctive options would like to be looked into. It becomes necessary for a bride to possess the right quite wedding dress that needs to be ordered and custom created thus that therefore it is best that a planner looks into of these details. In all such lavish weddings, the planner ensures that everything is properly looked into and that is exactly what makes these weddings an extreme hit and additionally terribly popular. Such occasions should be planned absolutely in order to make sure that they're disbursed really well.

It also becomes terribly vital that the marriage songs are absolutely perfect. This is often why musicians are properly informed about the sort of songs and music that the bride and groom extremely want. This becomes an necessary facet of the wedding and wedding song we are very important. Thus all the wedding planners build positive that these vital aspects are lined properly. It's extremely necessary that all of these relevant information are well coated to confirm that correct work is being done which the wedding may be a huge hit.

All weddings are necessary and must be organized really well therefore Singapore wedding must be extremely well prepared. In such instances a lot of things become extremely important and this is often where wedding songs and other such relevant options become extremely important. These occasions hold an necessary position and which means for each the bride and the groom and their thoughts so all types of details want to be looked into. The marriage songs have to be excellent and this is often solely doable in Singapore wedding therefore it is most likely a sensible plan to confirm that the whole method is looked into by professional and other important features for the wedding to be wonderful. - 32158

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Information On Oriental New Year Songs

By john Chan

Discover the Chinese selection of traditional songs that can be heard being sung during New Years celebrations.

The Chinese people depend on the moon's revolution as they follow the lunar calendar. When the moon shows that the year is about to come to an end and a new year is approaching, the Chinese people get started with the celebrations. This is a time when you will find Chinese people singing their New Year songs without a break.

The Chinese New Year is taken very positively by the entire country. It is a time when people are set to bury the past and look into the future with positivity and the hope for prosperity. The festive spirit is high and it seems as though everyone is in their best moods wishing the best for their brothers.

For the purpose of revelry and marking the unique event of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese people have composed exclusive songs that are to be sung during celebrations. The Chinese New Year is the best occasion for the Chinese people as seen in the lunar calendar. Moreover, it has been a tradition to celebrate the New Year's event in the grandest way possible for centuries now and it still has the same significance.

The notion that the Chinese people are proud about their country is reflected in the traditional songs that are sung to mark the positivity of the events of the New Year. These songs are composed to speak of the extreme love and happiness that is spread during this festive time and having such feelings in mind, they welcome the New Year.

The Chinese people are a set of people who love nature and peace even though history states that they have had wars through generations. The basic composition of the New Year traditional songs aims to express the nationalistic soul of the Chinese people and sometimes also expresses how they live and what they expect from life.

Chinese people take trmendous pride in listening to the New Years songs as they speak about their history and culture. During the festival time, songs seem to be heard on the streets as well as heard coming from inside of the houses. Families get together and together they sing songs in unison celebrating this festive season.

While celebrating the New Year people of China try to make it special with fancy costumes when they are singing and dancing. This would be rather strange if viewed from a non-Chinese perspective but it is the part and parcel of Chinese traditions.

These New Year traditional songs are all classics that have been sung for ages. But modern day songs especially composed for the New Year by renowned artistes are only sung in especially organized shows. This belongs to the Chinese tradition as well and people try to preserve it. - 32158

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Beginning Guitar Lessons - What You Need

By Zella Weems

If, you have want to learn, how to play guitar? You have to take regular lessons. It is the easiest instrument to learn as huge resources are available.

Acoustic guitars are very portable, mobile and convenient to learn lessons as they don't required plug in an amplifier for sound.

There are three methods to learn playing guitar. Firstly, you may adopt self-help with the use of chord sheets or online instructions and videos. The second way is to seek help from your family members or friends who do play guitar. Yet another way is to learn from the professional teacher in a group class or alone.

These are all valid approaches, but before you begin any beginning guitar lesson ask yourself why you want to learn. Do you want to be in a band? Do you want to emulate a guitar player you know? Do you just love learning new skills? Your answer is your own, but be honest: your reasons will reflect how much commitment you will have later on in the learning process.

The first requisite for learning to play guitar is that you buy one. Borrowing a guitar from a friend or your brother allows you very limited time of practice. Besides, having your own guitar allows you the ease of getting accustomed to only one guitar which is a necessity for a new learner. It is also necessary to ascertain your degree of serious intent. You should know how much time you can devote for guitar practicing.

People who really want to learn to play the guitar will not stop when their fingers start to hurt.Commit yourself and keep in mind all the reasons why you wanted to learn to play the guitar in the first place. - 32158

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Free Opportunities For New Bands To Be Heard Provided By IMRadio

By Katy Canto

I pretended playing my toy guitar along with videos on MTV since I was a kid and I have dreamed of having my tunes heard on the radio. But even if you're a real good band, getting air time can be pretty difficult.

The band that I formed five years ago has been lucky enough to be played on some local stations. Well, luck is not the right word. We did work real hard to meet the right people who got us on air. You can call that real challenge.

It is really unfortunate for new artists knowing that radio stations do not put unknowns to their rotation most of the time, which is why now new bands face a great challenge in having their songs at least heard. The bands that you hear on the radio are not necessarily the most talented. Most of the time, they are ones with the most financial back-up and marketing efforts.

It is good to hear that the Internet now intervenes in changing the industry by giving new bands simple breaks and chances to be heard. I myself can attest that this web site sure claims and say that it is by musicians, for musicians. I immediately registered an account, uploaded several of our song files into IMRadio's rotation, and are now receiving free radio airplay in more than 100 countries.

As a music lover, I like being able to hear other new artists, and appreciate their talent. Aside from that, poets and comedians are heard on IMRadio. Then I recommended IMRadio to some of the acts that I usually see around town, particularly the clubs and it is nice to see a following build up for IMRadio.

My band has a growing fan base now and I am became more excited to see that my band was given the chance to be heard. IMRadio has a message forum, giving the bands and their fans a communication venue as well for the bands to communicate with other bands.

If you considered yourself a budding musician or has a band that has been around for quite a while, I really recommend IMRadio. Check it out and find out how easy it is to join, upload your song files, have your music into rotation, and be heard.

And if you are a music lover, be sure to stop by IMRadio and join. You will be amazed at some of the talented groups that you will hear. - 32158

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